Chris Edmonds is a Denver-based singer, songwriter, and performer. He’s a working musician with the Brian Raine band.

The band, formed in 2007, is a talented, dedicated, and values-aligned team. BRB includes Brian Raine (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Billie Owens (vocals, guitars), Chris (vocals, guitars, banjo, mandolin), Kevin Dillman (drums), and Terry Mitchell (bass).

Chris started playing guitar in 1964 – soon after the British Invasion. He was performing for audiences by 1967 and hasn’t stopped since. He’s played from LA to San Francisco to Austin and now in Denver.

Chris is an ASCAP songwriter.

The Brian Raine band playing on the main stage at Copper Country in Copper Mountain, CO, September 2015.

In his day job, Chris is a sought-after speaker, author, and executive consultant with his own firm, The Purposeful Culture Group.

He is the author of seven books, including the Amazon best seller, The Culture Engine, which guides leaders to create workplace inspiration with an organizational constitution.

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