Chris is proud to be an endorsed artist for Steve Clayton picks and Rocky Mountain Slide Company slides and tone bars. Chris is an ASCAP-published songwriter.

Here’s a quick video Chris made for a buddy who was interested in his Gibson F-5L mandolin. It had just come back from the amazing Lynn Dudenbostel who had repaired binding rot and replaced a rotten celluloid pickguard.

Here’s Chris’ current stage instrument mix (Winter 2017). From the left – 2001 Fender Custom Shop Telecaster (with b-bender), 2009 Rickenbacker 5002V58 electric mandolin, 2001 Deering Crossfire electric banjo, and 2015 Taylor T5z Pro, all housed in an Ultracase GSX-4 stage rack.

Chris has been collecting and playing fine stringed instruments for over 40 years
. Here is a recent photo project with his sunburst instruments. Clicking on the photos below will open a full-screen image carousel for your enjoyment.

Acoustic instruments include:
1966 Gibson RB-250
1981 Gibson F-5L
2001 Martin D-45V
2007 Taylor 814ce

Electric instruments include:
1957 Fender Studio Deluxe six-string steel guitar
1975 Fender Precision bass
1982 Gibson Les Paul Custom
2001 Deering Crossfire
2001 Fender Custom Shop Telecaster with Parsons-White B-Bender
2005 Fender Custom Shop ’63 Custom Telecaster
2009 Rickenbacker 5002V58 Mandolin
2015 Taylor T5z Pro

Instrument amplification is provided by a 1966 Fender Deluxe Reverb and a “blackfaced” 1971 Fender Bassman with a 1966 cabinet.

Stage gear includes:
TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 – amazing live vocal & guitar effects
Sennheiser wireless instrument and in-ear monitor transmitters and receivers
Presonus StudioLive RML32AI stage/recording/in-ear monitor mixer
Alclair custom-molded triple-driver in-ear monitors
Shure Beta 87A microphones
Furman voltage regulators
Ultracase instrument racks

All of Chris gear is protected – in the studio and on the road – by MusicPro Insurance.

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